Kids Swimming Lessons Singapore

Kids Swimming Lessons Singapore, Kids Swimming Classes Singapore

Kids Swimming Lessons Singapore


Kids Swimming Lessons Singapore, Kids Swimming Classes Singapore

SwimBest Swim School offers best and effective group swimming lessons for kids  in Singapore.

Swimming is certainly one of the sport for kids to get into fitness, attending swimming lessons in a group can improve your child’s social skills and help him make new friends. Furthermore, at SwimBest Swim School, not only can your child master the art of swimming, but he can also learn how to empathize with his peers, work in a team and enhance his body strength and stamina. Best of all, group swimming lessons are great weekend activities for children in Singapore!

Knowing how to swim, opens up opportunities for your child to excel in a sport that is popular in Singapore. Singapore swimmers, such as Joseph Schooling, have held records in swimming competitions in the SEA games and Olympic. It is certainly something your child can aspire for.

Getting started on the swim learning journey can be daunting for beginners, especially those with water phobia. Enrolling in our group swimming lessons allows children to see their peers going underwater, blowing bubbles and this in turn gives them the courage to forget their fears for a moment and give it a shot.

In a group, all learners in our group swimming classes in Singapore are motivated to work hard, so as to keep up with the progress of their peers.

Learning in our group swimming classes form the spirit of camaraderie and helps develop social skills – especially beneficial in building confidence in shy, fearful kids.


Kids Swimming Lessons Singapore, Kids Swimming Classes Singapore

Children are capable to learn the 7 Essential swim strokes that will accompany them for the rest of their Swim journey.

Here’s what your child will be learning during lessons:

  • Water Safety and Confidence
  • 7 Strokes (Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke, Survival Backstroke, Survival Sidestroke, Survival Breaststroke and Butterfly)
  • Improve Stamina & Breath Control
  • Water Survival Skills

We conduct lessons with safety as our main priority. Our instructors are fully equipped with CPR and lifesaving skills to ensure the learning experience fun & safe.

Parents would have a peace of mind knowing your child is in safe hands.


Enrolling your child for swimming lessons is a great gift for him or her. The short and long term benefits are immense. Imparting life skills both physically and mentally ensure that they have the skill for life. Our swim lessons for children are specially designed with their needs in mind. From engagement with the children and giving them motivation all the time, our lesson aim to not only be merely a lesson, but an experience that would create positive memories for them for a long time.


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Kids Swimming Lessons Singapore

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