Swimming Lessons Singapore

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Swimming Lessons Singapore – Group and Private Swimming Classes in Singapore.

Where are the swimming classes conducted?

Group swimming lessons are conducted in public swimming complex around Singapore and some condominium in Singapore. In addition, private swimming classes in Singapore can be arranged at your prefer time and venue.

When are the swimming classes conducted?

For group swimming classes, we have a list of classes available. Therefore, kindly contact us for it.

For private swimming classes in Singapore, you can choose your prefer day and time. However, it is also subject to the availability of our swimming instructors.

Why have swimming lessons with SwimBest Swim School?

  • Professional and Certified Coaches.
  • Safety.
  • Effective Lesson Plan.
  • Convenience and Affordability.
  • Swimsafer Assessment 100% Passing Rate.


Ros, Mum Of Zavian

Its easy to engage any coach, but searching for someone who is gentle, easy going, and build a wonderful rapport with my kid was really trying.

Coach Raymond sincerity, patient and fun approach strike a great chemistry with my son, Zavian who needs a lot of coaxing, encouragement and motivation to swim without float, and build up his confidence eventually. Most importantly, I am happy to see Zavian able to swim 25 meters independently without a float. 

 Coach Raymond really brings enthusiasm to the pool with his unique style and constant sunshine. Above all, I am happy to see Zavian has progress well with his guidance. I really would like to recommend Coach Raymond to anyone who has a child like mine.

Joan, Mum Of Chalmers

Coach Raymond is a responsible and fun coach. My boys are always looking forward for their swimming lessons.
They have progressively learn from basic strokes to more challenging one with confidence and I am proud of them.
Thank you Coach Raymond for your patience and good attitude.
Thumbs up!