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Swimming lessons in Singapore for all ages. Swim Best Swim School offers group and private swimming classes in Singapore. Contact us for swimming lessons in Singapore!

Effective Swimming Lessons In Singapore

Swim Best Swim School offers group and private swimming lessons in Singapore for our valuable students. Our swimming classes in Singapore are conducted by professional and dedicated swimming instructors. We designed our swimming class to suit different ages and stages. In addition, Swim Best Swim School strive to deliver the best swimming lessons in Singapore to all ages and levels, with a wide variety of programs including  SwimSafer 2.0 for kids swimming lessons.

Furthermore, our passionate and certified swimming instructors are dedicated to provide the most effective and fun swimming lessons to our students. From allowing your child to enjoy more social interaction at group classes, or to enjoy more dedicated attention at private classes, we have classes suitable for everyone. 

Last but not least, we are determined to help all our students reach their fullest athletic potential. Through intense but fun training programs to help students build their endurance, improve their hand-leg coordination, as well as enhance their muscle strength and cardiovascular health.  

Finally at Swim Best Swim School, we help our students grow as swimmers and athletes, in a nurturing and conducive environment. We specialize in conducting Toddler Swimming LessonsKids Swimming LessonsAdult Swimming Lessons and Ladies Swimming Lessons.

No.1 Best Swimming Lessons In Singapore.

Why have swimming lessons with Swim Best Swim School?


Professional and Certified Coaches

All our swimming instructors in Singapore are certified by National Registry of Coach (NROC), and registered with Sport Singapore, AUSTSWIM and the Singapore Swimming Teachers’ Association (SSTA). Most importantly, teaching is their passion and they are caring for children.


Our number one priority is the safety of our students.

Thus, our swimming instructors are fully equipped with CPR and lifesaving skills, to ensure the learning experience fun & safe.  Therefore, parents would have a peace of mind knowing your child is in safe hands.

Effective Lesson Plan

Our teaching system deliver 100 percent success rate for our students. In addition, our swimming class in Singapore are conducted and adjusted to our students’ pace, and above all, we ensure all our students excel together. We believe that every student is capable of greatness – thus, we are determined to help all students overcome their physical boundaries, and become stronger athletes.

Convenience and Affordability

Group Swimming Lessons – Our swimming lessons are conducted in a group at public swimming complex, and some condominiums in Singapore.

Private Swimming Lessons – 100 percent attention for yourself or your loved ones. Above all, flexibility to choose your time and venue.

If you believe that you or your child would progress better with more individual attention from our coaches. Swim Best Swim School is your perfect choice. We offer one-to-one private swimming lessons in Singapore.

Currently, we are having promotion for swimming lessons island wide. All kids swimming lessons in Singapore arrange by us would entitle to 25% discount for the first month fee. In addition, all private classes in Singapore register with us, or arrange by us would entitle to 5% discount for the first month fee.

Furthermore, at Bukit Batok and Jurong West Swimming Complex, for group swimming lessons for kids, we are running a promotion at $60 per month for first three months sign up. Fourth month onwards, fee reverts back to $80 per month. In addition, we are giving limited edition swim cap with every new sign up.


SwimSafer Assessment 100% Passing Rate

We conduct swimming classes in Singapore based on MOE recognized SwimSafer programme for all our students enrolled. Thus, selected students will be registered and participate in the SwimSafer assessment. In summary, we organize and conduct the SwimSafer assessment at least twice per year for selected students.

Finally, we are pleased to announce that our students achieved a 100% passing rate for SwimSafer test conducted till date.

Swim Best Swim School offers best, effective and affordable swimming lessons in Singapore. We conduct group and private swimming classes at condominium and public swimming complexes in Singapore. Contact us for kids and adult swimming lessons in Singapore!

Swimming Lessons In Singapore

Children are capable to learn the 7 Essential swim strokes, that will accompany them for the rest of their Swim journey.

Here’s what your child will be learning during lessons:

Water Safety and Confidence.

7 Strokes (Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke, Survival Backstroke, Survival Sidestroke, Survival Breaststroke and Butterfly).

Improve Stamina & Breath Control.

Water Survival Skills.


Enrolling your child for swimming lessons is a great gift for him or her. In addition, the short and long term benefits are immensurable. Most importantly, imparting life skills both physically and mentally ensure that they have the skill for life. Furthermore, our swimming lessons for children are specially designed with their needs in mind. Overall, the engagement with the children will give them motivation to master swimming. Above all, our aim is not just to conduct a lesson, but it is also an experience that would create positive memories for children.

Flagship Classes

Swimming Lessons in Singapore Testimonials

Ryan Yap, Dad of Russell & Heidi

“Coach Raymond has coached both my son and daughter for a year and I can see tremendous improvement in their swimming ability. His teaching is structured and organised, ensuring kids can overcome the fear of water and pick up swimming effectively. His friendly personality also makes swimming a less stressful experience for my kids. They look forward to their swimming lessons every week and I’m happy to see them progressing well in their swimming skills.”

KK Kam, Dad of Wei Ting

“My daughter , Wei Ting, enjoys the swimming classes conducted by Coach Raymond. After first lesson, she really looking forward to her swimming lesson every Sunday. Coach Raymond is very patience and friendly and get along well with the children. My daughter is able to swim across the pool in less than 3 months and she has also learn 3 different swimming strokes. I definitely have no hesitation to recommend Coach Raymond to my friends.”

Keith Neo, Dad of Khern Yih

“My daughter passed her Swimsafer 2.0 Silver & Gold in 6 months after taking one-to-one lessons with Coach Raymond. Besides being patient and encouraging, Coach Raymond’s expertise in teaching the right techniques and conditioning helped to lower her timings greatly in the demanding Gold requirements.

A great swimming coach, he also takes effort to communicate with parents by providing feedback every lesson. He is also flexible and accommodating to changes in lesson timings. I strongly recommend Coach Raymond to any parent and child who wishes to achieve their Swimsafer in a professional and nurturing environment. Well done , coach Raymond!”

Meena Arumugham, Aunt of Nidhi

“Coach Raymond is extremely patient with children when he teaches them Swimming. Truly admire his patience. My Niece (Nidhi from India) had a phobia for water / swimming. Raymond’s friendliness, patience and a dash of fun in his approach made my Niece love water and entering the pool was a matter of ease from Day 2 itself. While there is friendliness, fun and a caring nature in his approach, he is also very professional, which is commendable. I will highly recommend learning Swimming from Raymond. Thank you very much Raymond. (From Meena Arumugham)”


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Best Swimming Lessons In Singapore

Useful Information

Important Messages To Parents


Parents play a key role in children’s swimming experience. While children are trying their best to learn how to swim, parents should know how to help their children.

Do not expect your child to be able to swim soon after they are introduced to the water. It depends on each individual’s learning ability. As parent, you should focus on the long-term goal and avoid focussing on achievement and expecting quick results, as this may become counter-productive.

Don’t compare your child with others. Everyone has different learning ability.

Don’t be over ambitious about your child’s progress. Allow your child to gradually develop and improve at his or her own pace. There is no shortcut in learning to swim. Practice makes perfect. Every child needs regular lessons and constant training. Your child will be sure to improve when he attend lessons regularly.

If your child cries during the lesson, it doesn’t mean that your child is not ready for swimming lessons. Your child may be adjusting to the new surroundings or not used to being separated from parents. Give your child some time and let him or her develop confidence. Very soon, your child will be able to enjoy swimming lessons in a totally safe and relaxed environment with us.

If your child accidentally swallows water during the lessons, don’t worry, as this is a learning process. Praise them for trying. Children need to be encouraged. By doing this, children will enjoy and will continue their swimming journey.

What if I would like to enroll my kids’ swimming lessons at another swimming complex?

We can make the arrangement at no cost to you.

In addition, all kids swimming lessons in Singapore arrange by us would entitle to 25% discount for the first month fee.

What if I would like to enroll private swimming lessons for myself or my child at another swimming complex or condo?

We can make the arrangement at no cost to you.

In addition, all private swimming classes in Singapore register with us or arrange by us would entitle to 5% discount for the first month fee.

Our affiliated swimming instructors and swimming schools conduct group and private swimming classes at Swimming Complexes and Condo pool in Singapore. Instructors are certified by National Registry of Coach (NROC) and registered with Sport Singapore, AUSTSWIM and the Singapore Swimming Teachers’ Association (SSTA).