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Swimming Lessons in Singapore

SwimBest Swim School is the best choice for you to take up essential swimming skills as we have a group of passionate and certified instructors to impart swimming skills to our students.

SwimBest Swim School is dedicated to providing swimming lessons with a fun & effective system for our aspiring students in a safe environment.

We conduct group swimming lessons in public pools and private lessons are also available for those who want to learn at their own pace.

Why SwimBest Swim School?

Professional and certified

Our instructors are certified by National Registry of Coach (NROC), AUSTSWIM and/or Singapore Swimming Teachers’ Association (SSTA).


Our instructors are fully equipped with CPR and life saving skills and lessons are conducted in a safe manner.

Effective lesson plan

Lessons are conducted to suit every student’s pace & ensure everybody learns the stroke correctly.

Convenience and Affordability

In our private swimming lessons, students can choose their preferred time slots and locations

From prices ranging from $17.50 per lesson, students can register for our group kids swimming lessons at various locations.