Swimming Benefits

Swimming Benefits. Why kids and adults should learn swimming?

Swimming Benefits

More parents are enrolling their children for swimming lessons nowadays. Today, most parents know the importance of letting their children to learn swimming. Parents are aware swimming is a valuable skill and lifelong sport that will benefit their kids for the rest of their life.

In addition, swimming also enables their children to be active and healthy. In this article, it will focus on some of the key benefits of swimming for children.

Benefits of swimming for kids

Why should my children learn swimming?

For children, the benefits of swimming lessons are endless. Not only is swimming a healthy way to get active, swimming lessons also teach kids important skills that could save lives.


The sport teaches your child useful lifesaving skills. Our kids swimming lessons in Singapore prepare your child for water sports and other water-related activities. Our swimming lessons will also teach your kids to develop a greater awareness towards water safety.


There is no better sport for overall health than swimming. It’s great for your heart and circulation, provides natural, low-impact resistance for building muscle and as it challenges your body and help release endorphins – your body’s natural pain and stress fighters which also make you feel happy.

Swimming helps build endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular health in children. In the long term, swimming will promote your child’s agility and fitness.

Active lives

Kids who lead active lives are happier, healthier and smarter because they keep their blood pumping through their bodies and brains, which is essential for development in children.


Our bodies have to maintain a streamline, horizontal body position when we swim, so swimming regularly can help children develop and improve good balance.


Swimming is a great confidence builder, helping children become body confident and develop belief in their athletic abilities and in their social skills, especially as part of a team.


Our kids swimming lessons are designed based on the Singapore Sports Council’s SwimSafer 2.0 Syllabus. Kids will start from SwimSafer Stage 1, 2 & 3 and progress to Bronze, Silver & Gold awards.


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