Swimming Lessons Promotion

Swimming Lessons Promotion

Swimming Lessons Promotion Singapore. Promotion for Kids Swimming Classes in Singapore.


Swimming Lessons Promotion, for Kids Group Classes in Singapore.

Venue : Bukit Batok & Jurong West Swimming Complex.

$75 /month for first three months sign-up!

Term Payment – 12 lessons.

In addition, limited edition swim cap will be given, with every new sign-up (U.P.$15).

Overall savings of S$60.

This promotion is for new sign ups only. Promotion is for kids Learn-To-Swim group classes only.

4th month onwards, price reverts back to original price (S$90/month).


Venue : Other Swimming Complex.

25% Discount for first month fee.

However, second month onwards, fee reverts back to original.


Swimming Lessons Promotion 

SwimBest Swim School reserves the rights to stop the promotion, once the slots are full.

In addition, we reserves the rights to stop the promotion, at any point in time.

Sign up while slots last!

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At SwimBest Swim School, our kids swimming lessons are designed, based on the Singapore Sports Council’s SwimSafer 2.0 Syllabus.

Most importantly, we are registered with Sports Singapore, and are certified to coach the SwimSafer Program, in accordance with Ministry of Education.

SwimBest Swim School is the perfect Swimming School in Singapore, to get your swimming classes started.

Take a look at what parents have to say at Google reviews.

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Swimming Lessons Testimonials

Yvonne, Mum of Amber

“Amber used to have water phobia. Therefore, she is not keen to participate, in any water activities. But, when we know about the swimming lessons promotion, we decided to enroll her for swimming lessons. Subsequently, after learning swimming for a few months, with Coach Raymond, she gain so much water confidence! Meanwhile, she has been in the class for five months, and is still continuing. Most importantly, Coach Raymond is friendly and caring! I am happy to see Amber, so excited to attend swimming lessons every week. In addition, I would like to take this opportunity to thanks Coach Raymond!” 

Emily, Mum of Jamie

“Jamie was very afraid of water. This is because of her bad experience, in the swimming lesson a year ago. However, when we came to know about the swimming lessons promotion, we decided to let Jamie try again. Subsequently, after learning swimming for a few weeks with Coach Raymond, she enjoyed swimming lessons, and gain so much water confidence. Above all, Coach Raymond’s teaching is structured and organized, ensuring kids can overcome the fear of water, and pick up swimming effectively. In addition, his friendly personality, also makes swimming a joyful experience for my girl. Meanwhile, Jamie look forward to her swimming lessons every week, and I’m happy to see her progressing well.”