Private Swimming Lessons Promotion Singapore

Private swimming lessons promotion in Singapore. Private swimming classes promotion in condominium and public pool in Singapore. Contact for private swimming lessons promotion In Singapore.

Private swimming classes promotion available, in all condominium in Singapore, and we are offering private swimming lessons promotion, in all public pool in Singapore too.

Private Swimming Lessons Promotion in Singapore.

Venue : All Condominium & Public Swimming Complex in Singapore

5% discount for the first month fee.

Fee reverts back to original, starting from 2nd month onwards.

SwimBest Swim School reserves the rights, to stop the promotion at any point in time.


At SwimBest Swim School, our kids private swimming lessons, are designed based on the Singapore Sports Council’s SwimSafer 2.0 Syllabus.

In addition, we are registered with Sports Singapore, and are certified to coach the SwimSafer Program, in accordance with Ministry of Education.

Private swimming classes can be conducted at condominium in Singapore, and public swimming pool in Singapore.

SwimBest Swim School is the perfect swimming school in Singapore to get started.

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Private Swimming Lessons Promotion Testimonials

Joanne, Mum of Edith

“Edith has water phobia, and is having fear in participating water activities previously. For now, I am happy to see Edith has water confidence, and able to swim confidently. It all happen when we came came to know about the private swimming lessons promotion, and we decided to let Edith learn swimming. Till now, she has been in the class for eight months, and is still continuing. Overall, It was Coach Raymond helping her to overcome her fear. Edith now enjoy every of her lesson. In addition, she is now able to swim freestyle. I would like to take this opportunity to thanks Coach Raymond!”

Serene, Mum of Jude

“Jude used to have water phobia, and he is afraid even trying to blow bubble in water. Due to bad experience, in his childhood swimming classes. Coincidence, we know about the private swimming lessons promotion, and we decided to let Jude try again. At this moment, Jude is able to swim with his board without assistance, and that’s a wonderful progress, considered that he started six weeks ago. Overall, he has successfully gain his water confidence. Furthermore, he looks forward to his swimming class every week. In summary, I can see tremendous improvement.  A Big ‘Thank You’ to Coach Raymond!”