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Swimming School Singapore

SwimBest Swim School was founded by Coach Raymond, who is a registered MOE swimming instructor and a certified Swimsafer 2.0 assessor.

When Coach Raymond founded SwimBest Swim School, he was passionate about the new venture for many reasons, but one stood out in particular. The principle that underpins the foundation of our school to this day is the idea that everyone should learn to swim so that they are equipped to survive in unforeseen and dangerous situations involving water.

Everyone, from children to adults, should learn the skill of swimming as you never know when you might need it – it could just save your life one day!

Our mission is to provide swimming lessons with a safe, fun and effective curriculum in place for all of our students. Our swimming lessons are conducted in a group at a public swimming complex. Those who prefer private swimming lessons can have them conducted at their own preferred time and location.


Our swimming programmes are conducted and adjusted to our students’ pace and to ensure that our students excel together. We believe that every student is capable of greatness – thus, we are determined to help all students overcome their physical boundaries and become stronger athletes.

SwimBest Swim School strive to develop swimmer’s self-esteem, cardio vascular fitness, strength, flexibility, and balance.  By offering all these attributes, we hope to nurture a swimmer whose attendance consistency is high.


We believe that if the swimmer is having fun, they will continue to participate.
We believe that if the swimmer participates,  they will progress.
We believe that if the swimmer progresses,  they will increase their self-confidence.
We believe that if the swimmer’s self-confidence is high, they will become passionate swimmers.
We believe that if a swimmer is passionate,  they are a positive team member.


Swimming School Singapore

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SwimBest Swim School

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