Condo Swimming Lessons in Singapore

Condo Swimming Lessons. Contact for condo swimming lessons in Singapore. Contact for condominium swimming lessons in Singapore. Kids and Adults swimming classes at condo.

Condo Swimming Lessons Singapore

Condo Swimming Class in Singapore – Swimming lessons conduct at condo pool in Singapore is the most convenient for residents to learn swimming. Private swimming classes are conducted at most condominiums in Singapore. Group swimming classes are conducted at some condominiums in Singapore.

Private swimming classes in condo

100 percent attention for yourself or your loved ones. Flexibility to choose your  time and venue. Within family members, group of friends or individual.

Group swimming classes in condo

Class size about 4 to 6. Group swimming lessons allows children to see their friends going underwater, blowing bubbles and this in turn gives them the courage to forget their fears for a moment and give it a shot. Group swimming classes form the spirit of camaraderie and helps develop social skills – especially beneficial in building confidence in shy, fearful kids.


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Condo Swimming Class in Singapore – Get in touch with us today and register swimming lessons for yourself or your love ones.

Note – All private swimming classes for condominium in Singapore register with us or arrange by us would entitle to 5% discount for the first month fee.


KK Kam, Dad of Wei Ting

My daughter , Wei Ting, enjoys the swimming classes conducted by Coach Raymond. After first lesson, she really looking forward to her swimming lesson every Sunday. Coach Raymond is very patience and friendly and get along well with the children. My daughter is able to swim across the pool in less than 3 months and she has also learn 3 different swimming strokes. I definitely have no hesitation to recommend Coach Raymond to my friends.

Ryan Yap, Dad of Russell & Heidi

Coach Raymond has coached both my son and daughter for a year and I can see tremendous improvement in their swimming ability. His teaching is structured and organised, ensuring kids can overcome the fear of water and pick up swimming effectively. His friendly personality also makes swimming a less stressful experience for my kids. They look forward to their swimming lessons every week and I’m happy to see them progressing well in their swimming skills.

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