Adult Swimming Lessons In Singapore

Adults Swimming Lessons. Contact Swimming Lessons for Adults in Singapore. Group and Private Swimming Classes for Adults in Singapore.

Adult Swimming Lessons Singapore

Adult Swimming Lessons Singapore – Swimming classes for adults in Singapore has been described as the perfect exercise. You can get the benefits of an aerobic workout without any damaging impact on joints. Swimming improves flexibility and strength, builds up endurance, increases muscle flexibility and helps to maintain a healthy heart and lungs. It is never too late to learn to swim!

Progression Chart – Adult Swimming Class Singapore

Beginner Level

Focus on basic water skills

Basic water skill like floating and breathing

Swim a basic stroke. (Freestyle or Breaststroke)

Approximate course duration = 1 to 2 terms (12 to 24 lessons)

Intermediate Level

Perform drills to prepare for swimming longer distances.

Stroke correction for freestyle and breaststroke

Threading water and diving

Approximate course duration = 1 to 2 terms (12 to 24 lessons)

Advance Level

Students will swim gracefully for longer distances at this stage.

Perform drills to ensure proficiency in the strokes learned.

Stroke correction and streamline

Build up stamina and endurance

Backstroke and Butterfly

Approximate course duration = 1 to 2 terms (12 to 24 lessons)

Adults Swimming Lessons. Contact for Adults Swimming Classes in Singapore. Group and Private Swimming Lessons for Adults.

Flagship Classes 

Jurong West & Bukit Batok Swimming Complex



Useful Information

What if I would like to enroll my swimming lessons at another swimming complex?

We can make the arrangement at no cost to you.

For private lessons, you are entitle to 5% discount  for the first month fee.

Our affiliated swimming coaches and swimming schools conduct group and private swimming classes for adult at Swimming Complexes and Condo pool in Singapore. Instructors are certified by National Registry of Coach (NROC) and registered with Sport Singapore, AUSTSWIM and the Singapore Swimming Teachers’ Association (SSTA).