Adults Swimming Lessons

Adults Swimming Lessons. Adult Swimming Lessons. Adult Swimming Lessons Singapore

Adults Swimming Lessons


Adults Swimming Lessons Singapore

SwimBest Swim School offers best and effective group and private swimming lessons for adults in Singapore at affordable prices. Our swimming classes are conducted by professional and dedicated coaches.

Our instructors are fully equipped with CPR and lifesaving skills to ensure the learning experience fun & safe. Individual would have a peace of mind knowing you are in safe hands.

At SwimBest Swim School, our adult swimming classes in Singapore are  customised to cater to each individual’s learning progress and needs. Our coaches use an effective teaching system to ensure your success, with each lesson planned to cater to each individual’s pace. You need not worry even if you are a beginner or you have water phobia!

Swimming is a lifelong sport and entertainment which will bring health benefits to you for a lifetime.

Swimming has been described as the perfect exercise. You can get the benefits of an aerobic workout without any damaging impact on joints. Swimming improves flexibility and strength, builds up endurance, increases muscle flexibility and helps to maintain a healthy heart and lungs. It is never too late to learn to swim!

We understand at SwimBest Swim School that our adult students are busy, which is why we arrange for group and private swimming lessons for adults in Singapore at a range of different time slots to accommodate to your schedule. With over 280 affiliated swimming instructors and swim schools island wide, we will fix the arrangement and matching for your preferred schedule and location.

Adults Swimming Lessons

Benefits of Swimming


There is no better sport for overall health than swimming. It’s great for your heart and circulation, provides natural, low-impact resistance for building muscle and as it challenges your body and help release endorphins – your body’s natural pain and stress fighters which also make you feel happy.

Swimming helps build endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular health in children. In the long term, swimming will promote your child’s agility and fitness.


The sport teaches individual useful lifesaving skills. Adult swimming lessons in Singapore prepare you for water sports and other water-related activities. Our swimming lessons will also teach individual to develop a greater awareness towards water safety.

Active lives

People who lead active lives are happier, healthier and smarter because they keep their blood pumping through their bodies and brains, which is essential for development.


Our bodies have to maintain a streamline, horizontal body position when we swim, so swimming regularly can help individual develop and improve good balance.


Swimming is a great confidence builder, helping people become body confident and develop belief in their athletic abilities and in their social skills, especially as part of a team.


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Adults Swimming Lessons Beginner Level

Focus on basic water skills

Basic water skill like floating and breathing

Swim a basic stroke. (Freestyle or Breaststroke)

Approximate course duration = 1 to 2 terms (12 to 24 lessons)


Adults Swimming Lessons Intermediate Level

Perform drills to prepare for swimming longer distances.

Stroke correction for freestyle and breaststroke

Threading water and diving

Approximate course duration = 1 to 2 terms (12 to 24 lessons)


Adults Swimming Lessons Advance Level

Students will swim gracefully for longer distances at this stage.

Perform drills to ensure proficiency in the strokes learned.

Stroke correction and streamline

Build up stamina and endurance

Backstroke and Butterfly

Approximate course duration = 1 to 2 terms (12 to 24 lessons)


Class Policy For Adults Group Lesson

Lessons are fixed for 10 consecutive weeks excluding public holidays.

There will be no compensation or make up lessons if pool is closed due to bad weather (lighting alert). Our coach will standby to continue the lesson when the pool is deemed safe for swimming.

SwimBest reserves the right to postpone the start date for up to 4 weeks should the class not meet the minimum student requirement. Minimum 4 students are required to start.

Other General Terms and Conditions apply.

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Adults Swimming Lessons


Ryan Yap, Dad of Russell & Heidi

“Coach Raymond has coached both my son and daughter for a year and I can see tremendous improvement in their swimming ability. His teaching is structured and organised, ensuring kids can overcome the fear of water and pick up swimming effectively. His friendly personality also makes swimming a less stressful experience for my kids. They look forward to their swimming lessons every week and I’m happy to see them progressing well in their swimming skills.”

KK Kam , Dad of Wei Ting

“My daughter , Wei Ting, enjoys the swimming classes conducted by Coach Raymond. After first lesson, she really looking forward to her swimming lesson every Sunday. Coach Raymond is very patience and friendly and get along well with the children. My daughter is able to swim across the pool in less than 3 months and she has also learn 3 different swimming strokes. I definitely have no hesitation to recommend Coach Raymond to my friends.”

Meena Arumugham, Aunt of Nidhi

“Coach Raymond is extremely patient with children when he teaches them Swimming. Truly admire his patience. My Niece (Nidhi from India) had a phobia for water / swimming. Raymond’s friendliness, patience and a dash of fun in his approach made my Niece love water and entering the pool was a matter of ease from Day 2 itself. While there is friendliness, fun and a caring nature in his approach, he is also very professional, which is commendable. I will highly recommend learning Swimming from Raymond. Thank you very much Raymond. (From Meena Arumugham).”

Adults Swimming Lessons

Our affiliated swimming coaches and swimming schools conduct group and private swimming classes at Swimming Complexes and Condo pool in Singapore. Instructors are certified by National Registry of Coach (NROC) and registered with Sport Singapore, AUSTSWIM and the Singapore Swimming Teachers’ Association (SSTA).